Conference presentations and public lectures:

Exploring the Cutting-Edge: A Documentary on the SUSPENCE Project

For those interested in witnessing this fascinating exploration of the SUSPENCE project, a video doc…

UHTC ECI Conference 2024

From April 14th to 19th ’24, the International Conference “Ultra High Temperature Cerami…

Oral Communications at International Congress and Public Talks:

L. Silvestroni* et al. DIDACTA Italia, May 20-22 2022/ March 8-10 2023/ March 20-22 2024, Firenze, Italy. Ossa, energia solare, navicelle spaziali: let’s do ceramics. Invited seminars

L. Silvestroni* et al. Advanced Ceramics and Applications X (ACA X), September 26-27, 2022, Belgrade, Serbia. Multi-phase (Zr,Ti,Me)B2 solid solutions: preparation and microstructure evolution. Invited.

L. Silvestroni* et al. MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology, October 9-13, 2022, Pittsburgh, USA. Exploring why ultra-high temperature ceramic ceramics work in extreme environments. Invited.

L. Silvestroni* et al. 17° International Symposium of Novel and Nano Materials (ISNNM2022), November 14-18, Jeju Island, Korea. Key microstructural features for super-strong ceramics above 2000°C. Invited.

L. Silvestroni* et al. MRS Bulletin Webinar “Materials in Coupled Extreme Environments”, December 14th 2022, Online event. Synthesis of far-from-equilibrium materials for extreme environments – Invited.

L. Silvestroni* et al. 2° International Conference on Advances in Minerals, Metals, Materials, Manufacturing and Modelling (ICAM5- 2023), September 22 – 23, 2023, Warangal, India. Ceramics for extreme environments: processing, properties and perspectives. Keynote.

L. Silvestroni* et al. MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology, October 1-4, 2023, Columbus, USA. Hierarchical ceramic composites for ultra-high temperature applications. Invited.

L. Silvestroni* et al. ECI-UHTC VI, April 14-19, 2024, Giardini Naxos – Italy. Multi-phase solid solutions: microstructure, mechanical properties and oxidation behaviour. Oral

L. Silvestroni* et al. CMCEE 14, August 18-22, 2024 Budapest, Hungary. Effect of multiple cations on the microstructure, properties and ablation behavior of ultra-high-temperature Ceramics. Invited

L. Silvestroni*, Polo Tecnico Professionale Lugo, progetto di e-Twinning 31.03.2022. VOR der Landung auf dem Mars – Teaching

L. Silvestroni* et al. LVIII SECV 3-6.05.22 Madrid, Spain. Understanding ceramics upon exposure to extreme environments – Keynote

L. Silvestroni* et al. ECI 2022 05-08.06.22 Snowbird, Utah. Ultra-high temperature ceramics with exceptional strength at elevated temperature – Oral

L. Silvestroni* et al. CIMTEC 2022 20-24.06.22 Perugia, Italy. Strong boride hierarchical composites for ultra-high temperature applications – Invited

L. Feng* et al. ECerS XVII & ICC9 10-14.07.22 Krakow, Poland. Thermal Properties of (Ti,Cr)B2 Ceramics – Oral

N. Obradović* et al. ECerS XVII & ICC9 10-14.07.22 Krakow, Poland. Preparation and characterization of ZrB2-TiB2 based composites for hypersonic systems – Poster